Using an Email Service Provider instead of your PC to send your email marketing messages. Here are some reasons why this is a good ideaL

  • Sending email is all ESPs do – email is their livelihood and they will do their utmost to help you deliver your email.
  • Turn on the double opt in option if it’s not already so. This will provide you with a clean list of active email addresses, whose owners are actually interested in hearing from you.
  • Use the spam test option that’s usually built in – ask your ESP about it.
  • Remove bounced addresses promptly – ISPs like Yahoo, MSN, EarthLink, for example, will punish you for repeatedly trying to send to an non-existing address. Many ESPs do this automatically for you.
  • Give your subscribers a choice of receiving HTML or PLAIN TEXT emails.

Most of these tasks are done automatically, behind the scenes by your ESP.

Recommended Toolkit: Email Service Providers that I use and recommend are Aweber, GetResponse and 1ShoppingCart  which also have auto-responder services. For simple and easy e-mail newsletters, I recommend ConstantContact.