Today I’d like to remind you that you there’s a treasure trove to be discovered in my interview with Glen Hopkins. Here’s Glen’s discussion on one of his advanced list-building strategies, the so called Triple Win Customer Generation System, which is a hybrid of sorts, of the squeeze page. – Boris

What you need to do this, I’ve broken it down, basically what you need is one JV partner, or an affiliate, it takes you about one hour of your time, it is going to takeone ethical bribe, which is really nothing more than something of high perceived value, such as a call or an audio recording, that I am using in this particular case, which is of low financial cost to you, and then a back end product.

What it is going to do is build you a very highly-targeted customer list. Not just subscribers, but customers who have paid to be on your list and they have proven that they have a willingness to spend their money on you.

That is key, because if you have, not only subscribers on your list, but actual customers, that is of much greater value to you. They have a method of buying, they have a credit card and they have a willingness to pay you money.

So what we are going to do is, I am going to walk you through it really quick. You set up a simple page – withs your basic headline you see on a sales copy on your squeeze page. A headline and then you have a short sales copy letter. You can see that it is really just a few paragraphs with a picture of Mike Filsaime and myself.

Mike Filsaime and I are both list-building experts and we got together and we did a call and we talked about building our opt-in email list. It is a private exclusive call that was not available to the public, it wasn’t a teleseminar, just Mike and myself masterminding and talking about building our opt-in email lists.

Now, you need to understand that both Mike and I charge in the neighbourhood of $500 an hour for consulting. So we are looking at about $1,000.00 value here.

Now, what I am doing is: People coming to this site, I already know they are interested in list-building because the people who are sending out emails for this site, send an email to their list saying “Listen guys, I’ve got an opportunity to share a call with you between Glen Hopkins and Mike Filsaime and it is only going to cost you a dollar. You have to go check this out.”

They come to this site and for a dollar they are going to have access to both Mike and I. In other words, they are going to listen to a brainstorm mastermind session on how to build your opt in email list for just one dollar.

Now, this is a very high perceived value so, obviously, these people want to learn how to build their own opt-in email list. They click on that PayPal link that you see at the bottom, they pay their one dollar to get the call, and here is the process I go through, when they pay their dollar to get the call, PayPal gives you the opportunity to redirect them to another page and the page that I redirect them to is a registration page.

The registration page is where they enter in their name and email address. And I tell them that when they enter in their name and email address I am going to email them the download instructions for that call. So now what has happened is, I am instantly building a list of paying customers – I know that in the future if I try to sell them something, they have a willingness and ability to pay me. You are building a buyers list, the most powerful list you can have.

So we get them to enter in their name and their email address, add them to our list and as soon as they click on the submit button, we redirect them to a second page which is called our “OTO” — the One Time Offer — which is typically an up sell or a cross sell to the product or service to the product that you just sold them.

In this particular case what I do is, when somebody first pays one dollar for that call on how to build their list, the upsell on the OTO page is the opportunity to purchase my book Lucrative List Building, which is the digital version.

Now this currently sells for $147.00 for the resell rights to this ebook. Well, they can get it for $19.95 which is an unheard of price and so the conversion rates on that is very high. So what I am doing here Boris, is I am positioning myself as an expert. Because what is happening is that people are going to purchase this book, they are going to read it and they are going to learn more about me and what I can offer them. So I am positioning myself as even more as a list building expert in their eyes. Which is great for future sales again.

I sell them the ebook and here is what happens. With the ebook there is a PayPal link on that page as well, on the OTO page to purchase the ebook, that PayPal link is a link to my JV partner’s PayPal account, not mine. So my JV partner is getting 100% profit of every sale of the ebook.

You know what that is doing? The key to this is that my JV partner now has an incentive to want to tell his list all about this call for a dollar, because he knows that there are a lot of people who are going to be interested in getting on the call and every time somebody purchases that ebook he is going to get 100% commission.

Glen Hopkins photoThat’s why it is a triple-win situation: my JV partner’s customer is winning because they are getting a $1,000 call for $1, then they are getting an ebook worth $147 dollars for $19.95, which they can resell to their heart’s content and make 100% profit on it, so they are winning. Then my JV partner is winning because he is making commissions from all of these sales. Triple win situation and the best part about it is, you are getting people on your list, you’re building your list with paying customers.

Glen Hopkins is a master list builder. He’s the publisher of the Web Traffic Report monthly newsletter and CD, and also runs a co-registration list-building service called List Builder.