Tele-classTomorrow night I will be interviewed by AnaMaria Herrera for a free tele-seminar on email marketing. AnaMaria is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner from Santa Barbara, California, and although the tele-seminar is intended for her fellow EFT practitioners, you are more than welcome to join us by telephone.

The tele-class is titled:
3+3+3 Tips on How to Promote Your EFT Practice Using E-mail.

You will learn:

  • 3 things to avoid when using email for marketing
  • 3 best practices in ensuring high deliverability of your email
  • 3 ways to make money directly from email.

Again, the topic of this seminar is universally applicable to any small business, or solo practice who’d like to learn the principles of Email Marketing.

There will be an MP3 recording available if you can’t make it tomorrow, so you can listen to the class at your own leisure.

The teleclass is free and will be held Thursday, June 12th, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific.