The best way to promote certain types of products and services is not by publishing articles that are related to your offering. Articles are a staple content for email newsletters, or ezines, but for some products, it’s much more effective to send your prospects and clients pure promotional content by email.

For example, one of my clients runs a well-established beauty salon, with a large customer base. She stays in touch with them on a regular basis – several times a week – by sending special promotions and coupons.

One of the things they do is “last-minute” bookings for certain services, so for example, if she finds that her Sea Salt Body Glow has no bookings for the next day, she will offer it to her email subscribers on a first-come first-serve basis at 40% off regular price.

Linda calls her email service the Lotus Time Club and calls her subscribers “members.” If you want to follow this technique, you may also want to consider using similar words to make your subscribers feel special, such as : exclusive, inner circle, limited, VIP, club, etc.

The frequency of your mailings will largely depend on the type of product and/or service that you offer, but you should test to see what your members prefer.


Please refer to my resource page to find about which Email Service Providers provide auto-responders, as not all of them do, unfortunately.