If you’ve been around the Internet marketing arena for a while you must have seen these a lot. Almost every web site you visit offers some kind of freebie to entice you to sign up. Most marketers offer this incentive in a form of a special report (such as my The 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing).

These special reports are usually delivered to the subscriber on-line, as a download from the so-called “thank-you” page (the page that opens once your subscriber confirms his/her address, if you have double opt-in set up). Most special reports are in PDF format, but some people have audio, or even video presentations of this content.

Alternatively, you could set up your free report in a form of a series of emails, effectively creating an e-course. Essentially, you would take your report and break it up into discrete chapters, or articles. Then what you do is set up an auto-responder to deliver those messages spread out over a number of days, depending on the content and the type of prospects you’re attracting.

If you’re teaching them a new skill, you may decide to send emails daily. If the advice is a more in-depth analysis or a white paper, spread the emails by a couple of days, and give your prospects time to take the new information in and process it.

Make sure the last message in the auto-responder sequence contains a version of your sales letter, or some other appropriate call to action. You may ask the subscriber to purchase a product, call you for an appointment, sign up for your tele-seminar, or whatever your choice might be.

I would also include some sort of “About Me” blurb, plus a mini call to action at the bottom of every email in the series as well, just in case a prospect decides he or she is ready to take it to the next level and hire you.


Please refer to my resource page to find about which Email Service Providers provide auto-responders, as not all of them do, unfortunately.