Maja and I strawberry pickingJuly 1st is Canada Day, a public holiday in this country. My family celebrated it by going strawberry picking and making home-made jam on Saturday, then on Sunday we spent the day doing fun things with the kids around town.

Monday we took the kids to African Lion Safari, a special kind of zoo where you can actually drive your car among the wild animals. Since baboons have no fear, they climb up on passing vehicles and sometimes take souvenirs with them, like wipers. Worst yet, they sometimes leave their own souvenirs on the cars! That’s why we opted for the bus tour 🙂

It took us almost half an hour to even get in the park, and that with five lanes coming in! Same thing with every tour – throngs of people = long waits. That’s what gave me the inspiration to this issue’s main article: driving traffic to your web site.

If generating traffic to your site feels like a hard nut to crack, implementing some or all of the ideas presented here will surely create a steady stream of people lining up to see you site.